Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto 5

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Today I'll be making a quick review about the very popular franchise and the most popular of its series, grossing a total of 1 billion dollars in just 3 days, Grand Theft Auto 5.

The game sets in the ever so iconic San Andreas. San Andreas was first introduced in an earlier version of Grand theft auto. Gta 5 brings back to you the old gangs like the Ballas and the Vagos who you again have certain disputes with....but trust me, its worth it. Those gang wars never let you down. Moving onto the story of the game...

...The game revolves around three main characters. Franklin, Michael and Trevor. We begin with a bank robbery.. seriously .. that is cool .. i mean .. not waiting for those 20 minute long intros setting up the whole story not letting you skip to play the game.... sweet! .. ahem.. anyway .. the bank robbery kinda sets the whole story up, with Michael making a contract with an FIB agent ...And then disappears under the radar and away from his friend Trevor who is under the impression that Michael Townley is dead... Michael moves to Los Santos under the name of Michael De Santa hoping to enjoy  a retired life .. and make movies....heh
But when Michael stumbles upon Franklin who does Repossession jobs and when his old buddy Trevor finds out he's alive... Michael's vacation turns into his worst nightmare ... seriously, the story of the game from then really gets to you.

The game does show massive improvement in gameplay compared to the other GTA games. The driving feels smoother and not as slippery as in GTA 4. The damage system feels a little bit weaker..meaning the characters can die quicker than before.... but that does add to the realism..The new weapon wheel.. sweet .. the new radio ... uhhh . not so sweet...There are a wide variety of weapons and customizing them just never gets old... The Cars in the game are amazing .. good selection of cars can be found cruising around the city and the customization of the cars add a huge boost to the fun you can have in the game... There are numerous activities you can do like Golfing, tennis, yoga,strip club, the movies, TV, hunting, strip club,robberies,explosions,tow trucking, and......strip club...hehe. ... and more..the side missions are huge too.

The graphics of the game are the best they could do with the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles ... it could be better but i believe they did the best they could. .. it doesn't let me down .. i mean it is amazing .. but it isn't the best yet ... The graphics far outweigh the previous GTA games.

The explosions in the game look amazing but could be a little longer. The story didn't really appeal to me .. but then again this is MY opinion.. there are different people with different opinions.. but personally i think the story could have been a little longer too ...The gunfights are amazing ... the damage caused by the bullets are adequate ...the only disappointment for me would be the story.

So overall, Grand Theft Auto 5 really is fun .. and you'll spend hours on it if you love driving around, smashing into cars, beautifying them, smashing them again, exploding things, strip clubs, and all other stuff that you can imagine to do .... then GTA 5 is the game you're looking for...

This review is entirely based on my opinions.. this may not be the opinion of other gamers ...but these are all the things i felt while playing this game. Go for it .. GTA 5