Friday, May 30, 2014

L.A.Noire Review

“A dark and violent crime thriller” a description that fits best to this cinematic franchise. Walk in the shoes of Patrol officer Cole Phelps, who is a former soldier, as he solves his way up to being a detective. The road is not short and the crime rate in L.A isn't small either. With one case leading to another, Phelps must uncover the secrets that are hidden well within Los Angeles. Devoted to the truth, Phelps doesn't take no for an answer.

The game sets in the ‘City of Hollywood’, as some would call it. The 3rd person gameplay is relatively smooth for a game set in the 40’s. The controls are very smooth; sometimes too smooth that when you move the left stick on your joystick, you’ll see Phelps tracing a circle in the middle of a chase.I’m just kidding.It's not that bad!  The shooting system is very spontaneous but that's how the gun shots are supposed to feel. Rockstar Games got everything down from the feel of a 1940’s city, to the cars and guns, to even the way people behave during interrogations. The driving is a bit tight; doesn't matter what car you choose. The story gets more and more interesting as you move on. How interesting? Well, that’s for you to investigate! 

The game features the use of a new highly effective and revolutionary facial animation technology. With the employment of at least 35 or more High-definition cameras recording every facial muscle’s movements and digitizing it, each and every character’s emotions in the game is brought to life. This feature plays a key role in the story. During interrogation, using your brain and Phelps’s intuition, you’ll have to narrow down to whether the suspect is speaking the Truth or is lying or if you doubt him/her. But this is the only thing they had time for I guess. Not complaining, but they could have improved the environmental graphics, however, that doesn't mean it isn't playable. It is amazing for a detective game and the best at its time. Maybe I just feel like it after playing many new games with amazing graphics. The facial animation thingy, you’re gonna love it!

Coming to the cons, the story is long and deep and kind of slow, but then again that’s how a detective game normally plays. Ah! Fine, it isn't a flaw! The driving could have been better. Steering becomes pretty hard but it can be handled after practice. The shooting mechanics are awesome but the moving while behind cover gets annoying at times, especially when you bump into your partner who’s sharing the same cover you’re behind; “Oh hey there Phelps!”.The access to the objects in the environment are limited as well; meaning only objects that contribute to the story can be interacted with. Doesn't limit the fun though!

 So in the end the game has a few dim lights, but the good stuff far outweigh the drawbacks.The game is amazing and its story is captivating. The facial animation is mind-blowing and the 40’s feel of the game,can’t get enough of it! Be sure to check this game out, you won’t regret it! 
My ratings:
Overall game rating: 7.8/10

All of the above words are completely based on MY opinion. These may not be the opinion of others, but these are what I felt when playing the game. Go for it! L.A.Noire!