Monday, June 09, 2014

Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs! The much awaited and extremely satisfying, for most people, Ubisoft franchise, featuring the ability to be able to hack into a large city powered by one big system, ctOS!

Hack into the shoes (Yeah, that’s right) of Aiden Pearce who fights for the sole purpose of revenge, when a job gone wrong in the past leads to the unexpected and unfortunate death of his beloved niece.  Anger drives him to team up with a few exceptional hackers who agree to help him, but on their own terms. With the help of a mobile device which grants him the frightening power to hack into the network that the city runs on, Aiden grinds his way through trust and betrayal to find those responsible for the death of his niece! Aiden is not the only one with the knowledge of invading private networks, disrupting street lights, jamming communications or even blacking out the entire power grid! Hack your way through a brilliantly paced story to uncover the truth that Aiden tries to seek out whilst keeping his family safe from harm’s way!

The game features amazing gameplay! Players can use their cell phones to hack into almost everything that is connected to the ctOS system! Hacking into a camera on a high wall gives you a wider view of your surroundings, enabling your vision to reach places that you can’t physically reach! Bust a getaway driver by using the street lights to slow him down or using a blocker to smash him to a stop or even blow up a steam pipe from under the road to take him down for good! Use jam coms to interrupt a call for backup or police, giving you just enough space to get off the radar! Trouble escaping a massive heat level and an annoying helicopter at night? Disrupt the chopper’s signals and Blackout the entire city, then escape into the darkness to never be found again! The good stuff keeps coming whilst playing the game! The story isn’t the only thing that’ll entertain you. The game features many mini games like Chess, drinking games and even 8-bit alien invasion games! The vehicles in the game feature distinct looks and handling that offers the right amount of variety for you to select from! There’s so much more! Wanna know? Better go play the game! :D

The graphics are absolutely mind blowing! There is a huge difference between current gen and next gen graphics, but that is to be expected since the current gen consoles cannot take the toll that the game forces onto it! The PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One users will experience extreme depth and brilliant color in their experience with watch dogs! Beautifully digitized and animated characters add a lot more sensation to the story! The weather cycle is phenomenal, especially when it rains! The water animation in the game is outstanding! The feeling you get when riding off into the sunset listening to the radio gives you a vibe making you forget how many hours you’ve spent on the game!

The game sports a few glitches here and there which I hope they would look into, when releasing a patch or a fix! Current gen users will not experience many features that next gen users will, but that is to be expected as Watch Dogs is a next gen game!  Other than this, to be honest, I can’t think of anything that disappointed me while playing the game! The game is brilliant and addicting in my opinion!

Genre Rating: Open world, Action-adventure, Stealth   
Open world: 9/10
Action: 9.5/10
Adventure: 9/10
Stealth: 9.5/10
MY Overall rating: 9.2/10

So to wrap it all up, Watch Dogs is one of the best games up to date and is extremely fun! Stop criminals; investigate possible future crimes and be a vigilante, or be a downhearted villain using the city to satisfy you! You choose! Watch Dogs: Everything is connected!

These are entirely my opinions about the game! Different people will have different views about the game but these are my own views and feelings that I experienced whilst playing the game!