Friday, June 20, 2014

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review


Spider-manSpider-man! Does whatever a spider can! Spins a web, any size! Catches thieves just like flies! Look out! Here comes the friggin’ Spider-man game! The sequel to the first of the series “The Amazing Spider-man” and the video game interpretation of The Amazing Spider-man 2 movie, the game does not live up to the expectations of many superhero fans!

The story of the game is obviously the same as that of the movie but with additions of recreated characters from the Amazing Spider-man comics, like Kraven the hunter and Carnage. The game follows after the defeat of both Dr. Curt Connors and the mutants that followed in the first game; and the death of Gwen Stacy. Peter Parker, the true identity of Spider-man, has to face multiple dangers that are brought upon New York City. Will Spider-man be able to overcome his weaknesses and contain the rapidly occurring crimes taking place in New York city and defeat his greatest enemies in time? It’s up to you!

The gameplay of the game is very twitchy! The controls are very easy. The fighting moves are very awkward and the side missions can get very monotonous. The web rush mode feels the same as before and can be a much more effective way of reaching your destination quicker. The costumes offered in the game are awesome.                    Some are hilarious and some are badass, and they all offer different advantages. The story is extremely small for a superhero game. Honestly, I expected much more and felt really disappointed. The characters lack emotion and so does the game. The greatest part and the only part that made me extremely satisfied and probably the only reason I got the game, is the “Web Swinging”. Extremely realistic and fun web swinging can keep you occupied for hours. That is one thing that you should never leave out when playing the game!

Now the graphics, don’t expect much from the game in terms of looks. Although the game does deliver the comic's feeling very nicely, the city is pretty dull.  I don’t mean the textures and the buildings and all. It is a very nice representation of New York City but what turns down the enthusiasm and the liveliness of the city is the game’s lighting and colour. The game feels pretty tired in my opinion

I feel that the fighting moves could have been better. They could have included more activities for Peter to do. The story could have been longer at least and the characters could have been better animated.

Genre rating: Action-Adventure
Action: 6.5/10
Adventure: 7.5/10 (cause of the web swinging :P)
MY Overall rating: 7/10

Overall, I did not enjoy the game well. Although the web swinging was the best, I expected more. Even the story missions were easily finished within a day and had fewer thrills in it. That's natural since I'm not a fan of superhero games, but for all the Superhero and spidey fans out there, this is a game you’ll really enjoy! The Amazing Spider-man 2, go for it!

These are based on MY opinions. Different people will have different views, but these are the things I felt while playing the game, The Amazing Spider-man 2.