Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FarCry 3 Review

FarCry Review

Do you know the definition of INSANITY? Well, you’ll find that out for sure in this game. An insanely thrilling open-world, first person shooter, FarCry 3 is worth the while.

The plot of the game isn't very catchy, but it can be very enjoyable to many who require action while roaming in the danger of wild forests. The story begins with the main character Jason and his friends celebrating his younger brother Riley attaining Riley's pilot’s license. While celebrating, they decide to go skydiving and they land on a pirate infested island named Rook Island. They are taken captive by a pirate leader named Vaas, who plans to extort ransom money from their parents and then sell them into slavery. With the help of his elder brother Grant, Jason manages to escape captivity, but Grant is killed by Vaas while they escape. Jason struggles to escape and almost drowns before he is saved by a Rakyat warrior named Dennis who takes him into the tribe. Jason helps the warriors, while in-turn they help him in rescuing his friends and leaving the Island. Jason comes across multiple enemies including the wilderness itself. He must strive and succeed in rescuing the lives of his friends and his little brother.

The gameplay, compared to the previous FarCry games, shows improvement, making the game feel more realistic. The shooting mechanics are much better and give the user a better feel for the weight of the gun every time it is shot with. The driving differs realistically for each vehicle and each terrain. Hunting can really get you glued to your seat, be it on the ground or even under water animals that you’re after. Then there’s crafting. With each mission complete, Jason gets the opportunity to craft certain items, with what he hunts, that will help him with his survival. These include pouches, arrows, medicines and a bunch of other stuff. Progressing through the game gives you skill points and these points allow you to upgrade Jason with special abilities. This is a cliché, but what make it worth the while are the tattoos that are inked onto your arm each time you upgrade.

The graphics are naturally beautiful and bring out the ambiance and realism of the wilderness of Rook Island. Shadows and lighting are precise when it comes to roaming inside the forests. The leaves and bushes feel amazing. The character graphics are nicely done and the vehicle textures are also amazing. The nighttime graphics need improvement but I guess that doesn’t really matter much to a gameplay junkie than to a graphic junkie. I guess I can’t really say any more without spoiling the game anymore, but trust me, what I’ve written here is just a tiny bit of the vast game you’ll experience in FarCry 3.

The story could have been molded better. There is an unusual sidetrack in the story that makes you go “whaaaa?”. The endings are kind of plain. Yes, there are multiple endings. The missions vary very well but they do not give you an enthusiastic kick each time. The villain Vaas is really amazing and the character Citra, ahem, she’ll keep you attended, hehe.
So overall, the game is worth the while, but is easy to find fault with. I can’t say it isn’t enjoyable, but to me it isn’t the best one. Who knows, you might like it much better.

These are all based on my opinion. This may not be the opinion of others, but these are the things that I felt while playing the game. FarCry 3, go for it!