Sunday, January 03, 2016

Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC Review

Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The ninth major installment in the Assassin's Creed Franchise which has for years got every action gamer on the edge of their seats! Will this one drive the franchise forward or bring it down to a slump! Let's find out!


With Assassin's Creed Syndicate visiting Industrial London in the 19th century (1800-1899), Ubisoft has centralized the story around two Assassin's instead of one! That's right! Jacob and Evie Frye, Twin assassin's who set foot in London with high hopes to return it back to the people from the clutches of Grand master of the British rite of the Templar order, Crawford Starrick. Starrick has the strongest grip on the whole of London's industries! Jacob and Evie are helped by an Assassin named Henry Green, who has been working to liberate London, from the shadows! Jacob is an adrenaline packed brute who seeks to create a gang of his own called the Rooks in order to take down Starrick's band of brutes called the Blighters! While Evie wishes to find the Piece of Eden and keep it away from Templar hands!
How hard can that be right? Well, be my guest then :P


Assassin's Creed Syndicate's gameplay takes the level of smoothness that Assassin's Creed Unity offered to a whole new level. The parkour is smoother and the combat system is Amazing! Melee combat has been inherited from the brutal side of Boxing and Street fighting! Makes you want to just throw away your knives and punch your way through the horde of Brutes!

There is also the introduction of the Rope Launcher! An addition to your gauntlet which allows you to scale buildings and Zipline across rooftops, thus allowing you to move through the city faster! This enables you to have lesser boring minutes of running around!

Carriages driven by horses are also featured which brings you easier of coverage across the large map! Carriages can also be used as a weapon by Ramming against or Running over enemies!
Trains and ships are also featured and to top it off, there are fights you'll have to survive on the roof of the trains and carriages! Friggin' Epic I'd say! :D


Not only is Syndicate an immersive game in terms of its gameplay, it's graphical features have taken a noticeable step from its predecessors! Texture quality and the Character models look very well defined! And the Facial hair of Darwin..... Daymn! 
Syndicate is one of the best looking Assassin's creed games! And sitting on a vantage point and looking at the city, Keep your controller down and screenshot that baby! 

Pros and Cons:


I found Syndicate thoroughly engaging with it's World war side story and its Side missions and activities! Jacob and Evie were thoroughly entertaining with their little banters and stuff! I fell in love with Evie easily! <3


Sometimes it is really annoying when small bugs or glitches that would not go start appearing, There was a time when my game turned off just cause a carriage I parked interfered with the cut scene. Ouch! I had to start again! 
The villain is obvious and the story pans out in a way you can really predict too. The story needs to have a bit of a "Come read me again" vibe..and this one doesn't! 

Genre Rating: Action Adventure Stealth

Action Rating: 8/10
Adventure Rating: 8/10
Stealth Rating: 9/10
My overall Rating: 8.3/10

Assassin's Creed Syndicate! Go for it! These words are purely my opinion! Other people may have different opinions but these are what I thought and felt when I Played the game! Thanks :D Subscribe to my YouTube channel : Diablo Kash