Thursday, January 07, 2016

How To Get Better At Racing Games By ElDiablo Kash

How To Get Better At Racing Games!

Wheel Users and people who are already familiar with manual driving modes can ignore this because it would be basic 1,2,3 techniques for you! :)

If you are someone like I used to be, who could never drive properly in ultra fast Open Wheel or Super-car races so you'd sneakily lower the difficulty and keep the brake assist on high and breeze your way to victory over a stammering AI, then these pointers will really help you!

Tips to become a better Racer in Games:

1.Use a Controller(if you can):

We all know that Driving with a Wheel is the ultimate driving experience you can get from Simulation based or even most Arcade based racing games. But not everyone has enough cha-ching/ba-bling a.k.a money in their skinny jeans. So the closest thing to a wheel would be the Controller (X-box or a PS controller. I use PS3 controller)
The reason is simple. On the keyboard. When you press the up arrow key(or acceleration key), there are only two values, 0 or 1. 0 meaning your car doesn't accelerate and 1 meaning your car accelerates at max. This is the case for turning as well. Either you turn at max, or don't turn at all! If you have a controller, You turn smoother and better. This way, You don't have to keep ridiculously trying to turn around in a corner, thus improving your time. It's the same when accelerating or braking. You can soft brake or hard brake

2. Turn off assists.

For wheel users, this is heaven. For controller users this is the same as well. In the game options you'll find that in order to help you "stay in control", brake assists and steering assist exist. Even Gear Box Assists. The only thing a brake assist is gonna do is slow you down a lot. You pretty much know when to brake. If you have a racing line on the screen, when it turns red, you fuckin smash that brake button!! ahem... excuse me! If your using the controller, Turn off the brake assist. I recommend you keep Steering assist on a medium, coz you'll need it. Gearbox assist is up to you. I don't use it because I wanna learn more about shifting!
Trust me, Lower down the brake assist little by little and when its finally off, you'll notice yourself catching up to or even finishing 1st in the hardest difficulties :) Works for me!

3. Higher the difficulty!

I know this sounds lame, but you're gonna be all talk if you just keep winning at amateur difficulty! You have to lose as many races as you can if you wanna learn how to dominate. Dominating against virtually kindergarten level competition is not gonna make you Lewis Hamilton or Ken Block! Get out there and take the loss like a man!

4. Respond and don't React!

When you approach a tight corner at around 200mph, and u delay your reaction, don't react! Just Respond!  Brake as hard as you can till that race line turns green, turn and go! If you lose a position there, no problem, you can gain it back! If you react, you'll try braking and turning at the same time and you'll end up drawing squiggly doodles on the sand or grass!

5. Use the Alternate Tap maneuver!

This is something I use most of the time, It's called something else, but I call it the alternate tap. Basically, when you approach a corner which is nice and long, but you need to slow down a bit to keep the car within the track, You tap the brake and the accel alternatively like a combo move. You'll not only slow down just enough, you'll also have the freedom to position your car defending your place in the race!

6. Finally, Don't play it rough!

Being aggressive is good when you attack a corner with all you've got trying to pass an opponent by cutting through the inside. But smacking them aside and off the track is bullshit. That ain real racing! That's bullshit! Race like you really mean it! Not just coz your too sore to sit in 2nd or 3rd place! Besides, chances are you'll start spinning off from a crash that you cause!

I hope these pointers help some of you guys in one way or the other! I used to dominate seasons in F1, Rally and Simulator games in amateur difficulty. But then I started challenging myself and now, I go head to head with Hamilton, Rosberg and Alonso in Expert Difficulty with no assists. I win some, I lose many and to be honest, each race is unforgettable! :D

Thank you for reading! The above words are my opinions and thoughts. These helped me! Different people may think otherwise! Check out my YouTube channel for some funny content :D Channel name: Diablo Kash. Channel Link: