Monday, January 04, 2016

Fallout 4 Review PC

Fallout 4, Bethesda's fifth major installment to the series that not only does everybody love "waiting" for, but love messing around with as well! How special is it? Here are my thoughts!


I've never played any of the previous fallout games, So I wasn't sure what kind of story I could look forward to, yet the game kinda made me think about my actions in a more emotional way than most games. The story follows a war setting where Nuclear Warfare was predominant. Residents of the open world are all sheltered at underground vaults constructed by Vault-Tec. The story pans out with the protagonist, his wife/husband (depending on the gender of the protagonist) and their infant son "Shaun" being put into cryo-sleep for nearly 2 centuries. The Protagonist somehow manages to break free only to find his/her partner dead and his/her son missing. He/she sets out into a post apocalyptic war torn world where every second is a test of survival skills, to find out what happened!

The story kept me engaged mainly because of how it pans out and how the game offers you the freedom to dictate the pattern of things. There are a few factions you can join or fight against, decisions to make that will either give you everything you need or take everything away from you. It is not an easy world to survive in! You'll think twice about trusting anyone, including the minutemen!

Even if you happily join all the factions, you're bound to have a tissue handed over to you as you cry over what happens as the story goes!


The gameplay kept me engaged with its hours and hours of exploration and crafting and even more exploration. There's just so much to do! I still haven't been able to cover most of the side quests and I've been sitting on this game for about 35 hours. So much to explore! The crafting system in this game is bananas! What the heck is up with it! It is sooo vast! I cannot come to a decision as to whether I should mod my Pistol into a Sniper Rifle or my Sniper Rifle into an RPG! You get a Power Armour which you can use to just go head to head with a deathclaw and punch its guts out! This game has one of the most fun gameplay that I've played with! I spent hours and hours on exploring the world with my dog! Oh and plus point: our pet dog won't die! You the real MVP Bethesda! 

The side activities are so diverse! They'll challenge you thoroughly! Make you go into areas you skipped coz you were scared to pee in your pants! The perk unlock system is really fun and very rewarding!
I loved the gameplay in this game! Totally had fun with it!


The graphics in this game doesn't compete with the next gen graphics that all the newer games offer! The engine that they used is a little old and not very defined as you'd expected! But, The game looks beautiful nonetheless! Even if the texture quality is not very good, the art style and the futuristic and fictional 50's kinda vibe is captivating! It is very good and the lighting offers a very beautiful render of the war torn world! I found it very captivating especially with the soundtrack in the game! It was especially eyegasmic at dawn! :D

Pros and Cons


So what was good? Almost everything! The story was fun and towards the end made me just sit and look back at my actions and just ponder over the weight in my chest for all the kills and betrayals and the element of trust and everything. The gameplay is smooth and awesome! The crafting system is mind boggling! The Construction and more!


I wouldn't call this a con but I would have appreciated better character customization. It is in my opinion only. The character customization was beautiful but in my opinion it was only for the face!
The game was slightly buggy. Friendly AI sucks and the voice acting, sweet lord was it boring!

Genre Rating

Open-World Role Playing Action
Open World Rating: 9/10
Role Playing Rating: 10/10
Action Rating: 8.5/10
My overall Rating: 9.1/10

Fallout 4! Go for it! Worth the buy! Worth the time! These words are completely based on my opinions about the game! Different people may have a different opinion, but these are what I genuinely felt when I played the game! Thank You! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and like me on Facebook for more content! :)